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Magnum Series Systems
HPS    Series 10
HPS    Series 10V
HPS    Series 20
HPS    Series 40
HPS    Series 75

High Pressure Systems
will build a custom system tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a Magnum Series quote.

Company Profile

The Daniluk Corporation has been in the machine tool rebuilding and retrofit business for over a decade. Our understanding of CNC machines and controls is unparalled in the high pressure industry today. With a staff of over 40 professionally trained machine tool technicians, we have the ability to adapt our systems to you machine tool whether it's old or new.

High Pressure Systems
A Division of the Daniluk Corp
8200 SW 29th
Oklahoma City, OK 73179
Office (888) 745-6647 & (405) 745-6644
Fax (405) 745-6646
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